Thursday, March 21, 2013

Potty Cover Review

Have you ever taken your child into a public restroom and it was extremely unsanitary?  I know I have seen some pretty scary bathrooms!  What is even scarier?... what you don't see!  I was so relieved when I received a package of Potty Covers to review. They are individually wrapped for your convenience. Throw them in your purse or a diaper bag and you are good to go.

Potty covers have a polka dot design printed on them. These covers provide a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child. Soft fabric for comfort with a plastic coating protects your child from germs on public toilets. Potty Covers have the largest coverage among other similar products on the market. They cover the top, sides, and front of the toilet; right where your child holds on for balance and legs hit the potty! I found that impressive because in reality, your child legs do hit the toilet and they do have to hold on for balance!

You can purchase these online and they are well worth the money! I think these are a parent-must-have with children who are learning or are already potty trained. I will definitely be carrying a few in my purse for potty trips with my niece in public.

Check them out on their website below!!

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