Saturday, December 29, 2012

Purely Gorgeous: Lip & Foot Scrub Review/Giveaway

This time of year, I have the tendency to put my pedicure on hold. My heels get dry and cracked because of the weather and I am on my feet quite a bit through the day! I used Purely Gorgeous's Peppermint Foot Scrub and fell in love! I love sugar scrubs but never tried them on my feet. Oh how I was missing out! It moisturized my feet and they feel soft after I use the scrub.

This is definitely something I will use from now on in the winter months and even in the summer between pedicures! If you are looking for a great product to help your dry feet, I would definitely try Purely Gorgeous Peppermint Foot Scrub. It is inexpensive and you get a lot for the money!

100% Vegan, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Phthalates

Just like my feet, my lips also get chapped and dry. Purely Gorgeous also has Lavender Lip Scrub that is amazing for exfoliating all of that dry skin! For me, wearing lip stick or lip stain with chapped lips is never a pretty site.  Using the scrub every day right before you apply your lip sticks will help for smooth application. The lavender also smells nice and helps relax your mood. Apply a small amount on your lips and rinse off.  As simple as that! Works like magic for dry, chapped lips!

Both scrubs would make wonderful gifts for anyone for just about any occasion!

Check out Purley Gorgeous on Facebook and Etsy!!

Enter below for a chance to win an item of your choice from Purely Gorgeous!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Addiction Jewelry Designs: Bracelet Review/Giveaway

My Addiction Jewelry Designs has a very large selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to choose from. She makes them all by hand. Her "ADDICTION" for jewelry making has had some pretty amazing outcomes. I always can't wait to see the new items she has created. To top it all off, she has extremely reasonable prices for hand made jewelry!

I have always been a fan of pearls because I think they're classy and you can never go wrong wearing them! My Addiction Jewelry Designs was kind enough to send me a beautiful pearl bracelet with purple bead accents. I was very intrigued by the design of this bracelet because I had never seen anything like this before. The little loops create a very dressy feel to the bracelet. The clasp also seems very sturdy. When ordering jewelry from my addiction, make sure to send her your wrist size so that she can make sure she sends you the perfect size for your needs.  All in all, My Addictions sells quality made, hand-crafted jewelry for a great price!  Make sure to take a look at her online site to find a nice stocking stuffer for a family member, or to treat yourself to a Christmas gift of your own!

Visit My Addiction Jewelry on Facebook!

Want to win a personalized BIRD NEST necklace from My Addiction Jewelry Designs?!


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New Year/New You Blogger Sign Up's

Are you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s getting close to being about that time and we want to encourage our readers to make some of those resolutions be ones to make their lives healthier and more satisfying.
Joy of Momma Joyner and Andersons Angels have teamed up to bring you the New Year/New You Giveaway Hop!

Let’s try to gather up some awesome prizes to help each other set and achieve healthy goals and lifestyles for 2013!


Dates: January 7-20, 2013
Price: FREE!
Prize Requirements: Min $25.00 in prizes that will help your readers keep their resolutions to live a heatlhier, more eco-friendly life! (Multiple prize packages/winners are okay, but each winner must win at least $25 worth of prizes)
Hashtag: #NewYearNewUHop
While it’s not required that you post about this giveaway on your blog, it would be greatly appreciated if you wrote a short post about the hop and shared it on Facebook and Twitter so we can make this event a huge success!
To sign up:
  • Please fill out this form.
  • Sign Up's Close at 30 Bloggers!
  • Grab the button.
  • Help promote! #NewYearNewUHop
  • Join the Andersons Giveaways Facebook Group
*Feel free to use the information in this blog post in your own posts about this event!*

Are you a company or brand looking to participate? Contact Trista or Courtney at to discuss sponsorship opportunities. We can help you connect with a blogger or bloggers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Kraynaks/Daffins

SOAPZILLA: Sugar Scrub Review/Giveaway

Recently, I got the opportunity to work with this amazing shop on Etsy called SOAPZILLA. They make everything from soaps and scrubs to lip balms. I was immediately drawn to how many different soap scents they have and when I saw the sugar scrub I knew that it was something I was very interested in trying! 

I am a hairstylist, and for about 5 hours a day, my hands are in some type of water. Whether its shampooing a client or spraying down their hair with a spray bottle, my hands are constantly touching wet hair. My hands get so dry, that they start to split and crack! It is not only unattractive but it is very painful.

When I first tried SOAPZILLA'S Peppermint Sugar Scrub, I was very impressed with how it made my dry hands feel, and also the way it smelled. The scent of peppermint always makes me feel clean and refreshed! I scooped up a small amount in my hands and rubbed them together for about a minute and then rinsed. The essential oils stay and absorb into your skin leaving them feeling very very smooth. I dried my hands, waited about 5 minutes, and followed up with a moisturizing hand balm. The sugar scrub is a great for exfoliating all of that dry skin. You could use this on other parts of your body as well. Elbows, knees, and feet would be amazing to use it on. I had never owned a sugar scrub before this, but I am positive I will always keep some in my house. It has helped out my hands tremendously! 

Want to buy your own?!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland Hop

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland Event hosted by Andersons Angels and Joy of Momma Joyner. This Event features a little bit of everything! Each blog has gathered up a unique Prize Package of $25 or more so be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win some really amazing prizes! This event will end on December 15th at 11:59pm EST.

I have teamed up with two amazing sponsors for this event:

Active Accessories
Emmelyn's Mommy

One winner will be chosen for Active Accessories prize package and one winner will be chosen for Emmelyn's Mommy prize package, $25 dollars each.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Emmelyn's Mommy

My second sponsor for the Winter Wonderland Hop is Emmelyn's Mommy.

Emmelyn's Mommy has a bunch of different types of newborn/infant tutus and accessories. From tutus, barefoot sandals, and leg warmers, to headbands and hair clippies. You name it she has it!!!! Everything she makes is adorable. She is reasonably priced and is always making new things that you cant stay away from.

I have always loved seeing babies and little girls in tutus. It is so girly and doll like and makes for adorable new born pictures. I was very excited when Emmelyn's Mommy agreed to partner with me because I just knew that my niece would have the perfect Christmas outfit! 

Here you see I received a tutu, leg warmers, barefoot sandals and a headband! The tutu is very good quality and very full which is always a plus! Use it for a costume, holiday outfit, dress up, or just for everyday. I have never heard of these infant leg warmers and barefoot sandals but they are so convenient and cute. The leg warmers aren't just for cold weather but to complete any outfit. The headband is small enough to stay on the head but big enough not to squeeze or leave red marks.

If you are looking for good quality products at a great price with no hesitation I would tell you to check out Emmelyn's Mommy. Make sure you stop back on Saturday to enter to win your very own items from Emmelyn's Mommy.


Sponsor Spotlight: Active Accessories

My first sponsor for the Winter Wonderland Hop is Active Accessories.

Active Accessories "on the go accessory pouch" is perfect size for cell phone, credit cards, money, keys ect. Everything I must carry fits perfectly and conveniently. When I am out shopping especially this time of year I hate carrying my big bulky heavy purse around. It hurts my shoulders and back if I am standing more than an hour. This hand pouch/ wrist-let helps me out 110% it lets me only take what I truly need.

As you can see from the picture this is the fuchsia pouch which is an amazing color. There is a zipper compartment as well as a pocket with a elastic band for securing your items. You can see that the pouch is not much bigger than my iPhone. I have a otter box case and it still zips closed which is great! Most wrist-lets I find wont zip closed with my otter box case. I am also very impressed by the material of the product. It seems to be a water proof type of material that will hold up well to any stains or dirt. All in all I am very impressed with this product. Make sure you stop and check out all of different colors/ patterns Active Accessories has to offer in this pouch.

Active Accessories also has the trendy hair bands everyone has been wanting to get their hands on! These hair bands are made out of soft stretchy material that is gently on the hair. They are very versatile and can be worn as a hair band or bracelet. I received the "COOL" collections but they have a tons of colors/patterns to choose from as well. They are inexpensive and would make great stocking stuffers. If you are sick of having your hair ripped out and getting stuck in metal hair ties these are definitely for you! Healthy and stylish!!!!!

Wanna buy these items for gifts? Check out these links!!

Make sure to stop back on Saturday to enter to win these items from Active Accessories in the Winter Wonderland Hop!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

ZY DESIGNS: Tragus Cuff Review/Giveaway (CLOSED)

I have always wanted my tragus pierced, but I heard they are very prone to infection. I found a alternative that is cute and painless! Zy Designs makes tragus cuffs as well as regular ear cuffs. I had never heard of these type of cuffs before and I was super excited to review them.

The cuffs came in a little plastic container with a snap lid. This makes it very convenient for storage when you are not wearing them.  

The first cuff I reviewed was the Starlight Tragus Cuff. This cuff is gorgeous. The crystal is White Austrian Swarovski Crystal. It has a type of rainbow effect in the light. It is a perfect size not too big, not too small. 

The second cuff I reviewed was the Siren Tragus Cuff. This is definitely a cuff you could wear everyday. Its simple yet beautiful. It is wire twisted in a awesome design. 

I am very impressed how comfortable these are. The wire is a sterling-plated copper wire with a non-tarnish finish. All wire ends are hand-filed and smoothed. They also have a clear, smooth, grippy coating on the front and back of the cuff for comfort and stay power. As you can see I don't have a very big tragus but these stay really good on my tragus. Zy Designs is really good at answering your question and directing you to the right fit for your tragus. I am very happy with these little fashion statements. 

Check out Zy Designs on Etsy and Facebook!


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Icing

Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Icing!

What you will need!
-brown sugar
-1 egg
-vanilla extracts
-can of pumpkin
-baking soda
-ground cloves
-ground cinnamon
-heavy cream
-powdered sugar

Here we go!!!!

Heat oven to 350 degrees

1 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup regular sugar

Beat until smooth then combined...

1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extracts
1 cup of canned pumpkin

Mix for about 30 seconds or until smooth again.
Set this aside, In another bowl mix....

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp of ground cinnamon
Stir and pour into pumpkin mixture from earlier!

Drop cookies on cookie sheet and bake for about 10 mins.
Cool on cooling rack.

In a sauce pan boil over heat the following..
3 tbsp butter
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup brown sugar
Remove from heat and add..
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extracts
mix in until smooth

Once cookies are cooled, spread icing over the cookies with a thin layer
Thats it, Enjoy!!! These cookies are delicious and good for any holiday gathering!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

URBAN LACQUER: Nail Polish Review/Giveaway (CLOSED)

 I recently reviewed URBAN LACQUERS nail polish in the shade 7 Wonders. This polish is a clear polish with 7 different types of glitter in it. The glitter is all silver but some has a rainbow effect in the light! It is beautiful by itself or over any color. I chose to do layer it over a dark plum polish and it looks amazing.  Urban Lacquers polishes are all "3-free"; they do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate. 

The polish was packaged very nice and secure. The polish came with 3 cut out pieces of paper, a little fabric rose, a organza bag with a business card and a personalized note, and lastly the polish wrapped in tissue paper sealed and Urban Lacquers logo. I was very impressed.

Being a Cosmetologist I try to stay up with the latest trends in nails. I did a accent nail on both of my index fingers with the color 7 wonders. On my other nails I used a dark plum color and did a ombre effect with the 7 Wonders as well. It gave it a nice little effect perfect for the holidays! You could pair this color with ANY COLOR! That is the best thing I love about glitter polishes.... You can do so much with them!

My accent nails, This is just 2 coats of 7 Wonders.

Fun, quick, stylish technique

These polishes really are great. They have lots of colors to choose from, and they are really good quality. Knowing that they are hand blended makes them even that much better. They are reasonably priced. These polishes would make great stocking stuffers, gifts, or even prizes. 


Saturday, November 17, 2012

EATSMART: Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

I was very excited about the opportunity to review this scale from EATSMART. I was looking for a glass scale that was digital for awhile, but every time I would find one they would look cheap, or not seem sturdy/strong. This scale is the Precision Digital  Bathroom Scale. It is made of glass which seems very sturdy. It does have some weight to it but you can definitely tell its not cheaply made. I was very impressed by the quick reading this scale has. You step on and not even 3 seconds later you have your reading. The nice blue lighted digital panel is a very nice touch to the scale. It makes for easy reading.

The scale can measure in pounds, kilos, or stones. It can hold up to 400 pounds. It is powered by 4 triple AAA batteries. Which are included in the box for your convenience. The scale also comes with a measuring tape, to help you keep track of your inches your losing. I am very impressed by this scale and would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for scales for the bathroom, kitchen, or even luggage. They have a wide variety of items to choose from. They are also reasonably priced. This scale came with a 2 year warrenty!


LIKE EatSmart Products on Facebook (link:
Twitter @EatSmartScales (link:
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Wonderland Hop Blogger Sign ups

I am excited to announce the team up of Andersons Angels and Joy of Momma Joyner once again to bring you another FUN blog hop called Winter Wonderland! This event will run from 12:01am EST Saturday December 1, 2012 through 11:59pm EST Saturday December 15, 2012. It's super easy to join in on all the fun of getting ready for the Winter Season!

Rules to Participate:
  • You must have at least a $25 prize/package together to be given away during the event. It can be anything!! 
  • Participation is completely FREE! All we ask is for you to write a post encouraging other bloggers to join in the fun! Put the link to the blog post in the form when you sign up.
  • Anyone Worldwide is able to Participate!!
  • The blog that refers the most blogs will receive a $20 paypal credit!!

If you have any questions feel free to email Trista at or Courtney at .
You will definitely want to join us in this FUN Event! But you've got to HURRY! Sign-ups will end as soon as there are 30 blogs participating! Your spot on the Linky will be determined by how soon you fill out THIS FORM.

*Feel free to use the information in this blog post in your own posts about this event!*

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Empties


My first empties blog, I will have one per month. I will show and tell you the items I purchased and used up, and if I would repurchase them or not! 


Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo/Conditioner- I wasn't a big big fan of this shampoo and conditioner. One of the good things about this shampoo/conditioner was the smell, it was very pleasant and made your hair smell really good. Another good thing about it was it did keep my curls from being frizzy, that was a plus!! The reason I didn't care for this shampoo/conditioner and wont repurchase them is because they made my hair greasy. I have naturally curly hair so I don't shampoo it everyday to avoid making it even more dry. By the end of the first day my hair felt like it was greasy and had a waxy coating on it.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum- I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF! I have been using this for over 3 years now. I use it in my daily hair routine. It helps keep my hair frizz free, smooth, conditioned, and smelling amazing. It is a serum so you have to be careful how much you are putting in your hair. I use a quarter size and I am applying it to wet hair. You could also run a little through dry hair to make it shine. This stuff is also great for straightening your hair. It makes the iron glide through your hair very well to avoid breaking/damage! I recommend this product 100%. The bottle last a long time and a little goes a long ways!

Bedhead Masterpiece Hairspray- Another product that I can't get enough of. This is a pink version for breast cancer awareness month. It is normally a blue can with a lime green nozzle. I have been using this on a off for about 2 years. It has a lovely smell, reminds me of strawberries! As soon as you spray it on your hair you can tell its doing its job and holding your hair in place! Another plus to this hairspray makes your hair shine! On the can it says MASSIVE SHINE HAIRSPRAY! I love this stuff, if you haven't found that perfect hairspray that works and smells good defiantly try this stuff!


Equate Ultra Soft Cloth Unscented Baby Wipes- These work great to take off your makeup at the end of day! Makeup remover can get expensive and sometimes be greasy. These are very inexpensive and you get 88 wipes. I normally try different baby wipes, name brand and house brand.

Cover Girl Line Blast Liner- I bought this awhile and it helps a lot of your trying to do a winged liner look. I never could quit master the liquid liner with the brush so this pen type tip helps a bunch! You have way more control with it. I probably will not buy this exact one again but I will try another pen type liner.

Maybelline The Classic Volume Express Mascara- I have repurchased this mascara quit a few times in the past. It has a curved brush that helps shape your eye lashes and adds nice curvature. The bristle is not plastic that's another reason I like it. It doesn't make the mascara get clumpy. It separates your lashes very well! 

E.L.F Eyelid Primer- This is CHEAP and it WORKS. It is only $1 at Target. I have oily skin and my eye shadow tends to crease from the oil on my eyelids. I apply this primer to my clean eyelids before I put any eye shadow on. My eye shadow last all day and looks as good as it did at 9 in the morning! You cant beat $1 so I would defiantly try this product and I will keep buying this product for sure!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- I bought this product in the shade medium sheer tint. This is a nice product because its like 8 things in one. Says it blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjust to skin tone, smooths  hydrates, SPF 30, free of oils and other heavy ingredients. I liked this product because it was very light on my skin and made me feel like I didn't have any makeup on. Did it have a ton of coverage NO! I don't have the best skin so I need a product that hides my large pores and my outbreaks when I get them. This product was just a little to low coverage for me. The SPF is nice because its 30 so it is nice if your on vacation and don't want to wear a ton of makeup while going to the beach and you need a good SPF that wont clog your pores. If you have nice skin and completion this would probably be perfect for you if your looking for a nice moisturizer with a little bit of color.

Come back next month to see what I used up this month!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


My lips tend to get really dry this time of year. I always carry some type of lip balm in my purse and or coat all the time. I recently got the opportunity to review this amazing organic lip balm called The F Balm!

One of the reasons why I love this product so much is that all of the products have raw, pure, natural and organic ingredients! They are also Petroleum free, Paraben free, and contains no artificial colors or perfumes. NOT tested on animals.

The scent I have is Raspberries and Cream it is amazing! The smell isn't overbearing at all! The texture on your lips is very smooth. I know I hate when lip balms have a slippery watery feel, that makes you think your lips aren't getting conditioned. This product makes my lips feel like their actually being treated and protected!

There is a number of scents to choose from, I think everyone will be able to find one that suits them! This company also has Body Butter, Facial Scrubs, and Body and Belly Bars! I will definitely keep using THE F BALM!!!!
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