Thursday, November 1, 2012


My lips tend to get really dry this time of year. I always carry some type of lip balm in my purse and or coat all the time. I recently got the opportunity to review this amazing organic lip balm called The F Balm!

One of the reasons why I love this product so much is that all of the products have raw, pure, natural and organic ingredients! They are also Petroleum free, Paraben free, and contains no artificial colors or perfumes. NOT tested on animals.

The scent I have is Raspberries and Cream it is amazing! The smell isn't overbearing at all! The texture on your lips is very smooth. I know I hate when lip balms have a slippery watery feel, that makes you think your lips aren't getting conditioned. This product makes my lips feel like their actually being treated and protected!

There is a number of scents to choose from, I think everyone will be able to find one that suits them! This company also has Body Butter, Facial Scrubs, and Body and Belly Bars! I will definitely keep using THE F BALM!!!!
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  1. My favorite candle scents are always dessert like (or I also like the scent of fresh crisp linen too ) but nothing floral or perfumey.

    Right now in my house I have a key lime pie candle in the bathroom

    A vanilla cake candle in the kitchen and also in the living room (but I want to get like a coffee or maple one in the living room instead)

    I am also going to get a sweet scented one for the bedroom too.


  2. I commented on your Wordless Wednesday Pumpkin Patch/Animals blog as Yvonne Woodstock at

  3. I use organic chapstick

    Trista Anderson

  4. I use Carmel right now and always have some kind of lip balm with me! I am addicted. Lol

  5. I'm addicted to having lip balm on at all times...and have been using EcoLips or EOS. I only use natural/organic lip balm. Thanks!