Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guppi Shoes:Review/Giveaway

You're probably wondering, "What are Guppi Shoes?" Guppi's put the "you" in Sh(you)s! With a few zips of a zipper and your creativity, you can have different shoes for every outfit. The company says you don't shop for Guppi shoes, you fish for them.  You don't buy Guppi shoes you catch them!

How Guppi shoes get started? A man had a daughter who loved shoes and always wanted to buy more. Her father was curious and asked why she had so many pair of shoes. She explained that different outfits need different shoes! He came home with a new shoe design based on the conversation they had. She loved the idea of a shoe she could take apart and put together to match her outfit perfectly. That's how Guppi Shoes got started!

I got the opportunity to review these trendy unique shoes. I am a lot like his daughter. I have a shoe collection myself and always want to buy more. I thought these would be perfect for my shoe addiction! I love the idea that you can switch up the whole look of the shoe with just a few zips of a zipper. They are super easy to put together and take apart. 

Here is a quick video to show you how to do it.

Below are my shoes I "fished" around for.

Design #1
Design #2
Design #3

Here is how the pieces come in their packages, and how laces are packaged!

This companies' customer service was OUTSTANDING! I have no complaints at all; they were very helpful!

Check out their facebook/website below!

Want to "FISH" for your own pair?? Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. I think it's a unique and fun concept, just hope the shoes hold up to normal wear and tear.

  2. How cool are these..Just love the idea that you can create the perfect pair.Maria M.

  3. Wat a great idea!!! I would love these!! :)

  4. Very cute idea!

  5. So fun ! The kids at my school will love them. Nancy Partin

  6. My kids would have a blast with these! They are fashionable, unique, and they can change them up to match their outfits!