Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vinyl Disorder: Wall Quote Review

Vinyl Disorder is a website that has many typed of decals, stickers, banners ect.  Their items are very reasonably priced. You can choose the size and color of your decal to fit where ever you would like to put it!

I recently reviewed Vinyl Disorder's Wall Quote, removable decals. I have seen a few wall decals in stores and havent found any that popped out at me. When I saw this quote, I decided I wanted to surprise my parents and put it in their bedroom! With a few easy steps, (peel, place, rub, and remove) your decal is now flawlessly place on your wall! The trick we when applying the decal is after you place it on the wall and rub it down, very SLOWLY peel back the backing. If you see some lifting, place the backing back down continue to rub and then peel back again.

I think this decal really jazzed up their wall!  It is very easy on the eyes, for a special trendy look! We placed it on the wall above their dresser, then added decorations. Here is a picture of the finished Wall Quote.

If you would like to check what else Vinyl Disorder has to offer check out their website and facebook below!!

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