Sunday, October 21, 2012

Purple Night Out Makeup Tutorial

I am going to show you how to create a night out look using a purple color palette! Meet Marlena she is my model for this tutorial! Start out with a clean "canvas" to work with! Wash face with something gentle to avoid extra redness.
Next apply a foundation all over you face and blended down to your neck! Apply blush to cheek bones. And also prime your eyes with a primer. I use elf eyeshadow primer, its cheap and works great!
Next start with a black eyeshadow with a small brush, I used a concealer brush by elf and it works great! I lined half of her bottom lash line and did a small wing!
Choose 3 different shades of the same color! I used purple so I did a dark blueish purple, a purple and light purple! Take your darkest shade and work at the outer corner of the eye toward the middle of the eye! Then take your lightest color and take it from the middle to your inner corner eye! Then take your medium shade and blend in the middle to mess the other two colors together! Yours should look something like this!
Take a light color eye shadow such as white, or beige for a highlight under your brows! (also helps blend out purple! In this case I used a white!
Finish lining your eyes with your black eye shadow like you did with your bottom lash line! Then put on some false eye lashes to complete your look! I used half lashes! I think they have a more natural look when your eyes are open!!
and here is your finished night out look!
This is my very first makeup tutorial! I know its not perfect but I had fun! Thinking a video may be the best bet for next time! Hope you guys enjoyed!! xoxo

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  1. What a fun tutorial! I would definitely like to see something similar in video-format, too!